Meet Your Team

    Scot Albert –

     Interim CEO/COO/Founder

Scot has a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College, Los Angeles, CA. In his early years he worked in the technology sector as a Marketing and Branding Director which brought him sometime later into the cannabis industry. For the past eight years Scot has facilitated the licensing and build out of several cultivation facilities and dispensaries. In 2014 Scot opened his first dispensary and started a consulting firm to continue helping clients and patients in all aspects of the cannabis market place. While owning his own consulting firm he worked with real estate agents, construction contractors, security companies, architects, city officials, regulatory authorities, website development experts and his own team of individuals. Scot has proven to be one of the best facilitators in his field where he worked with many clients on the west and east coast in procuring real estate, taking clients through the licensing process and planning for the build out phase of their facilities. During this time, he also worked with clients in South America on cultivation facilities in the construction of greenhouses for medical purposes.







      Garrett Seale – CSO


Dr. Garrett E. Seale, CSO of Yom Chai has over 20 years of experience working in academic research labs and focusing on different areas of neurobiological research. Dr. Seale is involved with the scientific research in the areas of neurobiological research, cannabinoid research and medical cannabis applications. He is also involved with the extraction, formulation and manufacturing of pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products in San Juan Puerto Rico. Dr. Seale specialized in neuroscience at Brown University, earning a BS with honors while conducting his thesis research on the role of the endocannabinoid system in addiction circuitry in the lab of Dr. J. Michael Walker. Dr. Seale continued his studies in neuroscience at Columbia University in the lab of Dr. Richard Vallee, where he obtained his Ph.D. from the Center of Neurobiology and Behavior. During his post-doctoral research fellowships at the Institute of Neurobiology – University of Puerto Rico his research in the lab of Dr. Steven Treistman’s (former director of the institute) focused on molecular mechanisms of alcohol tolerance and addiction with attention to specific synaptic ion channels and cannabinoid receptor signaling in these processes. Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Orengo (Dept. of Biochemistry-UPR) recruited him to teach the continuing medical education course for doctors to be able to recommend medical cannabis products under the regulations of the Puerto Rico Department of Health.




        Jeff Calloway – CFO


Jeff is a senior level professional with 20 years of, management, accounting/financial responsibility and fund-raising experience. His proven leadership, innovation, and team building in start up enterprises and existing organizations has given him extensive knowledge, techniques and accomplishments. Jeff has many specialties which to just name a few are accounting, budgeting, cash flow, financial statements, investors relations, networking and public speaking. Jeff will help Yom Chai interpret financial results, improve profitability and plan for the future. He thrives on learning everything about a business and integrating this knowledge with accounting, structuring and planning to truly provide a holistic service. Any organization large or small would find Jeff to be a great asset to their team and Yom Chai is proud to have Jeff as our CFO.








      Lori Albert – CCO/Founder

With 15 years of experience in compliance and human resources; Lori has worked for such companies as ADT Fire/Security and Hilton Doubletree Hotels of Los Angeles. Her primary job duties ranged from payroll compilations and transmittal, compliance of all employee files and manuals, grievances, to insurance benefits. As compliance officer, duties such as updating companies SOP’s and legal documents were of utmost importance to stay compliant with all state and federal regulatory bodies. For the past 8 years she has written SOP’s, employee handbooks, training manuals, safety manuals and protocols for small and large businesses in the cannabis market place and has submitted medical/recreational applications for cultivation, dispensary and processing facilities for Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. In submitting applications, a major criterion is to cross reference the states rules and regulations with required content for each application and be able to know, understand and quickly locate chapter sections and codes. Each application requires extensive standard operating procedures from personnel plans, storage of cannabis, security protocol/systems, transporting and training to name just a few. As a cannabis owner and manager, her understanding of cannabis compliance is at its utmost high when walking through the minefields of confusing language that the rules and regulations are written in.